Security Alert: Email Scam

Defence Bank will NEVER contact you via email requesting that you verify any member details.

If you do receive any emails requesting member details
DO NOT CLICK any links within the email or enter any details.

You should delete the email.

If you have received an email scam and you have entered your member details then immediately call the Contact Centre on 1800 033 139 to have your password reissued.


 For assistance when logging in please scroll down

  • The 'shift' key is now on the right hand side of the floating keyboard and is the only way to access capital letters or characters
  • Click on the 'shift' key with your mouse to access capital letters and characters
  • Click on the 'shift' key again to go back to lower case and numbers

2.  To finish logging in you can click the 'login' button below the floating
     keyboard or you can click 'enter' on the floating keyboard

Additional Information

1.  To access Defence Bank Online Banking you will need to use a compatible
     browser. We recommend Internet Explorer 8. (Internet Explorer 6
     or higher, Mozilla Firefox version 3 or higher and Safari Version 5 are
     also compatible)

2.  To access our online banking system please login through our website.
     This is important if you have used a bookmark or favourite in the past
     to access Defence Bank Online Banking.

For more information please go to our home page